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Athlon Fitness & Performance Brand Refresh


Athlon Fitness & Performance is one of the premier athletic-development gyms on the Central Coast. The only problem is that “gym” doesn’t quite get it, because “gym” invokes images of ‘roid-raging, vein-popping, bench-pressing body builders. But if that makes you say to yourself, ‘Ok, so they’re a CrossFit,’ you’d be wrong there, too.

If you want to understand Athlon properly, you’ve got to replace those images of muscles, dumbbells, and drill-sergeant trainers with images of elite athletes, precision performance, and strategic, wholistic, state-of-the-art training.

And that is exactly what we attempted to convey with the Athlon brand refresh.

Athlon is an impressive team of expert trainers with over 70 combined years of higher education in everything from nutrition, to kinesiology, to sports psychology. They coach athletes and highly-driven people who want to achieve their highest levels of fitness and performance, whether on the field or in life.

With a location in San Luis Obispo and another set to open in Paso Robles in early 2019, Athlon will be gradually phasing in their new brand over the course of 2018-19 calendar years. We can’t wait to see it all in place.

services provided

  • Branding /Rebranding

  • Logo Redesign

  • Printing & Print Design

Athlon-Brand-Refresh-01-Full-LogoAthlon-Brand-Refresh-02-Logo-Before-and-AfterAthlon-Brand-Refresh-03-Word-Mark-DetailAthlon-Brand-Refresh-04-Helmet-Mark-DetailAthlon-Brand-Refresh-05-Logo-Full-ColorAthlon-Brand-Refresh-06-Logo-VariantsAthlon-Brand-Refresh-07-Branded-Swag-BottleAthlon-Brand-Refresh-08-Branded-Swag-HoodieAthlon-Brand-Refresh-09-Branded-Swag-HatAthlon-Brand-Refresh-10-Logo-on-MeshAthlon-Brand-Refresh-11-Business-CardsAthlon-Brand-Refresh-12-Campaign-PostersAthlon Brand Refresh 13 Typographic and UX:UI ElementsAthlon-Brand-Refresh-14-Conclusion
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