Project Description

Baby Otter Survival Swim Academy Brand Development

services provided

  • Brand Strategy & Development

  • Logo Design

  • Printing & Print Design


Baby Otter Survival Swim Academy (BOSSA) provides a service that is relatively new and extremely unique in their arena. They don’t just provide swim lessons; rather, as their tagline states, they teach young children and toddlers how to be capable and confident around water.

The challenge they were facing when they came to us was how to be clear about exactly what it is that they do and how to distinguish themselves from similar products.

Some objectives were immediately clear for the BOSSA brand. Neglecting to design a logo featuring a baby otter being taught to swim, for example, would have been an obvious missed opportunity. But there were other particular decisions that weren’t quite so obvious—like, for example, whether or not to use the word “survival” in their name for fear of scaring off some parents. What became obvious during research and strategizing, however, was that there is a world of difference between regular swim lessons and the incredibly-specific and -important service that BOSSA is providing, and their target customer was clear about that difference. Clearly, then, the best way for BOSSA to highlight what sets them apart was simply to say so.

While the BOSSA brand is obviously child-centric, at root they understand themselves to be educators and partners with parents to make children safer. For that reason, it was important to develop a brand that, rather than being silly or immature, conveys the dignity and gravitas that an educational service inheres. Just as importantly, the new brand needed to be something that resonates and connects with the parents whom BOSSA seeks to serve.

In keeping with our track record, we got it right the first time without any need for any major revisions. The Baby Otter team could not be more pleased with their new brand, and we couldn’t be more eager to see their new business flourish.

Baby Otter Branding 01 Logo
Baby Otter Branding 02 Logo Color Variants
Baby Otter Branding 03 Brand Typography
Baby Otter Branding 04 Brand Photography
Baby Otter Branding 05 Business Card
Baby Otter Branding 06 Branded Reusable Tote Bag
Baby Otter Branding 07 Branded Tshirt
Baby Otter Branding 08 Facebook Page
Baby Otter Branding 09 Logo inverse
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