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Berean Bible Church is a protestant, evangelical, non-denominational local church in Arroyo Grande, in the heart of the California Central Coast. Berean’s young pastor, Erik Swanson, is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary in Southern California, an institution with a long, rich history of commitment to the Bible as God’s authoritative Word, and to expositional, verse-by-verse preaching. As might be expected, those are commitments that Berean shares.

The primary objective for the Berean brand was simply to craft a contemporary, attractive, coherent visual system that reflects their commitments—both the rich theological heritage in which those commitments are grounded and the sobriety with which they are held. By a super-clean aesthetic, a cool color scheme, and modern typography—along with the tagline we helped develop for them—we were able to accurately and effectively convey just what Berean is all about.

Acknowledgments: Website audio library back-end customization by Kevin Weeks.


Prior to the launch of the Berean’s new website in 2018, the church had a non-functional site and essentially no web presence. In the year and half following the launch, Berean’s average attendance went from about 40 to 100 people per week. When asked about how so many new people were finding the church, Pastor Erik answer, “The website almost invariably is how they find us.”

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