Project Description

JR Bookkeeping: A Case Study


  • Branding
  • Website Design

  • Content Development

  • Ecommerce

  • Print & Design

  • Marketing

  • Video Production

the line

  • 1 version

  • 0 major revisions

  • 110% client satisfaction

*See ‘Results’ section.


  • Create a brand voice that accurately reflects JR Bookkeeping—namely, tech-savvy, casual, conversational, and people-oriented.

  • Craft an excellent, high-quality aesthetic that conveys “good” rather than “inexpensive” in order to attract higher-end clients.

  • Develop taglines and sales copy that concisely communicate the value JR Bookkeeping’s services provide, namely, cost sensibility, effortlessness, and the freedom to focus on growing one’s business.

  • Marketing strategies and tactics to increase visibility in Ventura County and expand it to neighboring counties (tactics over the years have included video series, editorial work, press releases, digital advertising, and search engine work).

  • Design a website around said promotion that is high in engagement and conversion (as of May 2020: bounce rate 52%; avg. time on site 2m 18s).

  • Update and modernize the existing JR logo while retaining its original character (logo was designed by the owner’s brother and had sentimental value).


After we took the lead as their primary consultant in early 2017, JR Bookkeeping’s business grew by nearly 200% with the vast majority of that growth comprising their target customer—viz., higher-end accounts for larger clients, which can be attributed to the refined image and messaging of that year’s rebrand. By mid 2020, JR Bookkeeping had become the fastest-growing accounting firm in west Ventura County, serving hundreds of businesses between Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties, and boasting a staff of 8 employees. To date, having worked for JR Bookkeeping since 2013 (and going through a rebrand and 3 major website redesigns since that time), we’ve never had any major revisions on any project of note.

JRB Rebrand and Marketing case study 01 logo new vs old
JRB Rebrand and Marketing case study 02 brand scheme new vs old
JRB Rebrand and Marketing case study 03 website CTA
JRB Rebrand and Marketing case study 04 website content
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