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FirstFed (FF) is new coffee shop located in the First Federal Bank Building in the well-to-do Biltmore District of Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Unlike most clients, the FF development team did not come into this project with a hard-and-fast concept in mind for their new brand. In fact, they had little more than a loose direction based on some things they liked aesthetically.

During our initial strategy talks with the client, however, a number of key points rose to the surface:

  • “FirstFed,” a name inspired by the First Federal Bank Building, suggests currency.

  • FF is located in an affluent area and will serve an affluent demographic.

  • FF is located inside an old bank (!).

  • The First Federal Bank Building in which FF resides was designed in 1969 by architect Al Beadle, who had his heyday in the mid-century era.

  • The U.S. dollar bill (which inspired the FF logo typography and seal) was also designed during the mid-century era, in 1963.

As all these strangely-coincidental factors continued pile up, it became more and more apparent that a currency theme for the new FF brand was a no-brainer. More than that, it seemed that to go in any other direction would be a missed opportunity, and the FF team enthusiastically agreed.

Obviously all the new FF identity marks are inspired by U.S. currency. The secondary mark—the FirstFed seal—is especially cool for several reasons, notably: first, it’s conceptually rooted in the Federal Reserve seal but localized to Phoenix; and second, it features a custom Arizona-shaped icon the includes a saguaro cactus pulled from the retro maroon-and-white Arizona license plate.

FirstFed Coffee Logo Design 01 primary logo full
FirstFed Coffee Logo Design 02 typography
FirstFed Coffee Logo Design 03 primary inverse + variants
FirstFed Coffee Logo Design 05 seal mark
FirstFed Coffee Logo Design 06 seal mark inverse
FirstFed Coffee Logo Design 08 branded products
FirstFed Coffee Logo Design 09 burlap coffee bag