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JR Bookkeeping Branding & Website Design

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In spite of industry expertise, impressive growth, and an outstanding reputation, Ventura-based accounting firm JR Bookkeeping was having a hard time attracting their ideal client. Rather than drawing interest from established businesses looking for a first-in-class accounting solution, they were constantly fielding calls from those looking for the cheapest bookkeeping option available.

After our initial research and conversations with them in late 2016, it became crystal clear that they had effectively positioned themselves as just another cheap bookkeeper, instead of the accounting expert of choice. In other words, as it has so wisely been said, “You attract what you project.” And that was certainly true in the case of JR Bookkeeping.

We proposed a relatively simple two-pronged solution: 1) a brand refinement in order to accurately reflect the character and nature of JR Bookkeeping and the expert service they provide; and 2) a simple marketing plan consisting of digital media, video, some traditional marketing, and boots-on-the-ground networking, all designed to boost their visibility in Ventura County and expand their visibility to Santa Barbara County.

Less than two years later (as of late 2018), the results have been encouraging. Not only had they replaced a significant percentage of their customer base with the higher-end clientele they were originally aiming for, but they’d seen a tremendous visibility boost in Ventura County as well as new visibility and connections in Carpinteria and Santa Barbara. Most importantly, according to founder and CEO Juliana, “By late 2017 we were 60% ahead of where we were at the same time the previous year, and as of right now we’re at about 10% more than that. So we’ve definitely felt the difference.”

We have been so privileged and thankful to work with the awesome team at JR Bookkeeping, and look forward to many more years of working together with them.

Acknowledgements: Video production was provided by Maximo Media.

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