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Former high school teacher Bryan McCauley and entrepreneur Daniel Campos, both Ventura County natives, spent years together as close personal friends in their various social circles. As it typically will, life took Brian out to the East Coast where he ended up in the tourism industry as a certified Washington, D.C. area tour guide.

When Daniel’s Oxnard-based nonprofit was put on hold for a season as he moved out to pursue endeavors in Los Angeles, it gave the two friends not only breathing room to brainstorm, but also a vision. What if they started their own first-in-class touring operation in Washington, D.C., and what if it was different than anything else out there? What if it provided luxury, customizable tours for people wanting to experience our Nation’s capitol on their own terms? It sounded brilliant to them, so they pulled the trigger. And that was then they reached out to us.

Overall, the Liberty Tours brand is clean, modern, and elite, yet not inaccessible. It is heavily influenced by an upscale, professional aesthetic, as well as our traditional American heritage, having, as it were, a “posh patriotic” feel. The tree logo mark is based on 1) the actual dimensions of the original Liberty Tree, 2) the torch, which is the universal symbol of liberty, and 3) a strong, elite, dimensioned, line-art style.

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