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McGaughey Health Group Branding & Website Design


  • Branding
  • Logo Design

  • Website Design

  • Content Development

  • Print & Design

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  • 2 versions

  • 2 major revisions

  • 110% client satisfaction


Doctors Ryan and Carolyn McGaughey (the former a chiropractor, the latter a naturopathic doctor) have served our Central Coast communities for years in their Atascadero-based medical practice. Their vision has always been grounded in their philosophy, which is that, given the right help and room to function, the body will naturally do what it naturally does, namely, heal itself.

Their only problem, however, was figuring out how to say that with clarity and consistency so as not to be wrongly confined to one particular box (e.g., ‘just a chiropractor’).

After a handful of unsuccessful attempts with other local agencies and design options, the McGaugheys reached out to us. Through a rewarding and in-depth process of exploration and discovery, we were able to work together with them to craft a new brand that will perfectly and accurately represent who they are for years to come.

McGaughey Logo Presentation 1 color inverse
McGaughey Logo Presentation 2 color on white
McGaughey Logo Presentation 3 logo equation
McGaughey Logo Presentation 4 color versions
McGaughey Logo Presentation 5 branded ointments
McGaughey Logo Presentation 6b Officce Door
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