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Sportsman’s Fine Wine & Spirits Logo Design


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Sportsman’s Fine Wine & Spirits is an online brand specializing in a subscription-style service of curated provisions such as wine, spirits, beer, and local goods & products. Aiming primarily (though not exclusively) to serve the modern-day gentlemen, Sportsman’s aims to celebrate a cultured, dignified, chivalrous, and refined masculinity that is so often upstaged and overlooked in a society rife with toxic, unfortunate examples.

The Sportman’s logo typography is a combination of Sweet Gothic Medium and Barlow Medium. The former is a modern sans serif in the vein of a classic Gothic such as Franklin, though with pronounced, elegant contrast. The difference in weight and width of the two fonts creates interest along with elegant balance and contrast, but also increases legibility.

Sportsman's Logo Design 01 full logo alt
Sportsman's Logo Design 02 logo typography
Sportsman's Logo Design 03a brand imagery
Sportsman's Logo Design 04 full logo inverse