Great Work Results from a Great Process.

No major revisions on any project
since 2015.

Nearly anyone who’s gone through a logo design or a branding project is familiar with the scenario: 3 versions are presented, the client hates all 3 because they all miss the mark by a mile, and 50 rounds of frustrating revisions follow until we land on something we can all live with. We don’t go through that. And it’s not because we’re so irresistibly creative, but because we measure twice—or three times, or four times, or ten times—before we ever start cutting. Our process is grounded in serious listening, learning, and research before we ever do a single sketch. As a result, we typically get it right with just 1 version and sometimes—sometimes—a round of minor adjustments. We understand brands better than anyone else because we listen better than anyone else.

There are no bad clients, only bad processes. You know who you are, who you serve, and what you want out of your next project. A good process unearths that.

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Our Creative Process:
Measure Excessively, Cut Once

As creative professionals, it’s our job to know how to remove the fog, solve the problems, and facilitate vision clarity. After all, we’re the ones with the training, experience, and categories by which to wade through the waters conceptually. Our process is grounded in listening and learning: we study to understand your brand and the customers you serve, and we work hard at hearing until your vision is our vision.

It looks simple, but it bears good fruit: 0 major revisions + 110% client satisfaction on nearly every single project since 2015.

Strategy & Research

Input gathering from all stakeholders to understand your brand, your target customer, and even your preferences, inside and out. Any/all research, surveys, etc. are conducted, and marketing objectives, project requirements, and organizational needs are clearly identified.

Exploration & Confirmation

Armed with a solid set of objectives, we begin a comprehensive conceptual exploration to refine and identify our impulses, tendencies, and suspicions. We review our findings together with you and confirm where we’re on-track and where we’re not.

Execution & Refinement

The heavy lifting is done, we know where we’re going, it’s time to execute. We approach the first draft with a final-draft mindset and present the proposed solution(s) to you along with rationale. Revisions and refinement follow if/as needed.

Finalization & Launch

The project is finalized, any assets are delivered, and the project is officially launched.


Tony has a special talent for understanding your brand and bringing your vision to life within the first one or two consultations.

Mike Pereira