Graphic Design & Visual Communications

Design exists to communicate, champion, and turn bystanders into fans. Unfortunately, very little design actually does that. We specialize in design that is good. Before we ever get to execution, we make sure to plan, strategize, and ask the right questions so that there’s always a ‘why’ behind the ‘what.’ Most importantly, we understand that every project—from your business card, to your brochure, to your vehicle wrap and everything in between—exists ultimately to convert leads into customers. By telling your story and sending just the right message, we make sure every project does just that.

Santa Maria Valley Humane Society
Vehicle Wrap

Really Good Graphic Design: Always On-Brand & Marketing-Minded.

Brand Driven, Customer Focused

If design exists to communicate, your story is what needs to be told, and your target customers are those who need to hear it. Every project we design is crafted to your brand and aims to speak directly to those you exist to serve.

Designed for Marketing & Promotion

We design every piece with the goal of sending the right message in order to turn leads into fans. Every project is designed with one overarching priority in mind: “How does the user become a customer as the result of this?”

High Quality & Exceptionally Creative

We take pride in doing design work that is exceptionally creative, remarkably attractive, and expertly crafted down to the pixel. We are religiously committed to quality and design every project on timeless, universal principles of beauty and good design.

Design for Any Purpose, Print or Digital

We provide not only exceptionally creativity, but expert craftsmanship. With 15+ years of experience, we know how to create anything for any purpose, whether it’s going to be printed in any format, displayed on a screen, or plastered on a billboard.

Premium Printing & Luxury Finishes

We specialize in high-end, luxury printing for brands who care about making the right first impression—from special stocks to premium finishes such as silk, suede, or foil. We also offer wholesale printing for Brand Management clients.

One & Done

We take pride in work that is high-quality and creative, but it’s our approach that makes us good. Our creative process is the primary reason why we’ve had 0 major revisions + 110% client satisfaction on nearly every single project since 2015. Our Process ⟶


Finding a deep, meaningful connection with our community and converting fans to donors is at the heart of any marketing campaign for a nonprofit. The team at de la Riva Brands knew exactly how to understand our goals and tell our story. I would highly recommend Tony and his team to any nonprofit or small business.

Sean Hawkins, CAWA