Logo Design

Iconic logo designer Paul Rand said that “a logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes.” Straightforward enough—but notice the assumption: a logo symbolizes something. A logo isn’t simply art. It’s representative of something. It’s symbolic of something. It’s saying something definite. In the truest sense of the word, it is a statement, a punctiliar visual message that must grab attention and communicate the right things about the business, organization, product, service, or cause it represents. Since it’s also the face of your brand—your visual front line that everyone sees first and the shorthand by which they’ll remember you—it’s crucial to get it right, which is exactly what we do best. Read on for details.

Mr. Reliable Logo Design

Excellent, Accurate, Memorable Logos that Work Perfectly Anywhere.

Brand Centered

Your logo isn’t your brand, but it is the visual essence of your brand: all that’s that true about you and how you make the world a better place, all boiled down to one simple, attractive, memorable identity mark. That’s why we start every logo design project with a deep understanding of who you are + what you do.

Universal & Flexible

A logo doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and it never will. It’s always going to appear in a context—on the side of your vehicle, on your business cards, in a video, or in your print ads. We create logos that can be used in anywhere, in any color scheme, and in any print or digital medium, because that’s exactly how it will be used.

Full Asset Creation

We don’t simply design a logo and send you on your way. Every logo or branding project includes every file you’ll ever need for any purpose, and in every color version. We’ll also create a version that will work for social media, and we’ll throw in some business cards—everything you need to start promoting your brand.

Right Input = Right Output

Right stuff in, right stuff out. We take in all the factors—who you are + what you do, your target customers’ needs, and your preferences as the client—which creates a definite, concrete set of goals that sets direction and determines design decisions. It doesn’t matter whether we like your logo, it matters whether you do. And if it’s right, you’ll like it.

One & Done

We take pride in work that is high-quality and creative, but it’s our approach that makes us good. Our creative process is the reason why we’ve had 0 major revisions + 110% client satisfaction on nearly every single project since 2015. Our Process ⟶


de la Riva Brands has a distinct understanding of the value of visual communication, and a truly unique ability to understand the client’s goals and desires. Tony’s attention to detail and beautiful work are unparalleled, and his level of dedication and customer service are outstanding. Thank you for all your hard work!

George Binoka