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Berean Bible Church

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Berean Bible Church is a protestant, evangelical, non-denominational local church in Arroyo Grande, CA. Berean’s young pastor, Erik Swanson, is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary in Southern California, an institution with a long, rich history of commitment to the Bible as God’s authoritative Word, and to expositional, verse-by-verse preaching. As might be expected, those are commitments that Berean shares.

The primary objective for the new Berean brand was simply to craft an attractive, coherent visual system that reflects those commitments. We were able to accomplish that with a modern aesthetic that clearly pays homage to a proud theological heritage, and a visual and verbal message that explicitly and unapologetically affirms Berean’s commitments.

1 - Berean Rebrand, logo design
2 - Berean Rebrand, brand colors & typography
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6 - Berean Rebrand, website design
7 - Berean Rebrand, website brand aesthetic
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